Hello and Welcome!
However you found yourself on my site I would like to thank you for your time and interest.
As I look back at the images I have captured, it is surprising to me to think it has only been a few years since I started taking photography seriously. At the end of 2012 like most people, my love of photography started out as a simple hobby, capturing and chronically the moments of my families life and journey but it really has evolved into something much more than that. I remember when my wife and I were standing in the Camera store buying our first DSLR. It's funny how I thought I understood what I needed and wanted. I couldn't have been more oblivious to what I actually "needed" in a camera though; but I sure knew what I wanted. The one thing I did know was that I wanted to take more images and my current point and shoot wasn't working for me. I would soon come to understand how much more control of the image I would have in my new purchase then I did before and how I was in over my head.Over the course of the last years I have cultivated and developed myself with online learning, reading countless articles and books, and keeping my camera with me as much as I could so I could just plain going out and shoot whatever I felt.

These days, creating images is still very much a hobby of mine and I am still enthusiastic about going out and working on my own projects. But now, my time and activities have taken on a much more professional aspect to them, with Fine Art available on this site and Portraiture Services available at Arté Exposures. The artwork you will find here is my personal exploration into the image making process. These creations show the world around me from my my point of view, and most importantly are the moments that captivate my eye.

Please spend some time looking around the site and feel free to contact me through the email form or comment on the images and blog posts. I create custom personal commissions on request, simple orders can be done on the site, and percentage of all print profits are donated to local children's hospitals. Enjoy yourself and feel free to strike up a positive conversation.


Thank you,