Fun with Infrared - #1

March 19, 2015  •  2 Comments

Yesterday I couldn't take it anymore, I grabbed my infrared camera on the way out to the office in an effort to capture something new. The last few weeks I have been focused on workflow changes, other obligations, and just a need to put down the camera and open my eyes to what's around me. I always find that the time without the camera in front of my eyes helps me develop my artistic process just as much as when I am shooting so I never look at downtime as a bad thing, just something different.

As for the results, I am really happy with what I was able to make during my time out. For all of you from the pond, would you believe that the first shot is near the Thomas Lake shopping center. The second shot is the result of someones mischief in a neighborhood park. Something tells me that they had a good time ripping up the field.

Going forward, I will be specifically highlighting my infrared photography journey with blog posts titled "Fun with Infrared". These images along with others will always be available to view in the "Infrared" section of my portfolio as well. So please feel free to have a look around and comment on my work.

- Jay


Jay Ellington
I know and thankfully it can't be taken over by stores and condos!
The Thomas Lake Center never looked so beautiful! Who would have thought? Good work, LOVE those clouds! :)
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