Another Day in Paradise #3

April 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Snail Dedication!

Its quite amazing what you will see in your flower beds if you look close. This snail somehow found itself at least 3 feet off the ground on the outermost flower of one of our azaleas. To me this snail surely could have gotten the same thing from one of the flowers closer to the ground. There must have been something that called to it to climb so far up into the plant then head out on this limb to eventually reach this position. To this snail it must have felt like a lifetime to reach this point. That is some real dedication and drive that this innocent creature has shown to eventually reach such a position on our front lawn. I only hope that I will have the dedication in my life to see half of the things that I start, through to the level that this snail has done in making it to this position on our beautiful blossom.

Let's all learn something from this animal and see our goals for 2015 through to the end!



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