Another Day in Paradise! #4

April 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Tulip (Profile)The first of our tulips to sprout and show its colors this year. Tulip (Above)The first tulip in our garden to sprout and show its colors.


This last summer we moved into a new house and its been really cool to start working in a yard again. I mean, you can't complain when your own tulip's start to sprout and add a bit of extra color to the environment. These tulips were a gift originally, that due to the time of the year ended up being a bit more of an experiment than anything else. You see we didn't have much time to think about placement and landscaping before the summer ended and when I did stop procrastinating it was a simple dig and drop operation to get them into the ground.  None the less, I am glad to see what is starting to show up and they really have me excited to start thinking about what we can do next time around with a bit more time.



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