Fun with Infrared - #2 (Mothers Day 2015 Special)

May 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
Dandylion (Infrared)Dandylion (Infrared) Duck Family (Infrared)Duck Family (Infrared)

With all the nice weather that we have been blessed with recently its been great to get out and walk around our neighborhood and continue to uncover the hidden photo treasures we can. This last week there were a few images I got really stuck on. The first image was from earlier in the week (the dandelion) and was something I saw in my head but couldn't make out on the camera's LCD so it was really great to get home and see how well it turned out, but the real treasure this week came while out strolling around yesterday.


When we were out wandering, we stumbled on a small lake that just captivated Lovely and I. With no one around, some wild life showed up but it was a family of ducks that we were really having a great time watching. It was really amazing just how curious of me these ducks were, each time I hit the shutter button they would swim closer and closer. This was just what I was looking for as well, because I had left the house with my infrared camera and a wide angle lens hoping to make an images of something special. The image of the lake above was closer to the start of our encounter, before the patriarch of the family arrived. The mother duck was just letting her young ones roam around swimming in the water. She was very calm but aware of me, yet I didn't seem to cause her to worry in the least.


The attentiveness she was showing to the trio of her young was endearing, and really relevant considering that we are all celebrating Mothers Day today. Watching this group of ducks made me think a lot about my Mom and how lucky my sister and I are that she continues to be a hugely important part of our lives. She has always watched over us, making sure we were safe, but at the same time always letting us move free and be ourselves; even when that meant good and bad things would come of it. I couldn't ask for a better mom, and I hope that all the Moms with Families out there are having a wonderful day themselves.




P.S. By the way, if you don't have kids but your husband/other-half acts like a kid, and you still love them, your a Mom.


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