Fun with Infrared - #3

May 18, 2015  •  2 Comments
Little Home on the Infrared RiverLittle Home on the Infrared RiverA lonely house on the Snohomish river. Snohomish River (Infrared)Snohomish River (Infrared)The bend at the Snohomish river in infrared.

This sure has been the spring for treasure hunting; that is what I am calling my walks from now on. There has been hidden gold everywhere I look recently. This last weekend we found some more of these riches when we went for a walk along the Snohomish River. It was so beautiful when we got to the river. With hawks flying in the distance, the sun shinning, and only wildlife activity in the water it was really refreshing how peaceful it was at the river. In recent weeks my schedule has been extremely busy so it was nice to have a quiet afternoon walking around with my wife before we start in on another week.

Thankfully, with Memorial Day just around the corner, I am looking forward to a little bit more stress free downtime in the near future, and I hope everyone is getting excited for their upcoming weekend plans as well. Without a drop of rain in the forecast over the next week, it sounds like a good weekend for whatever type of holiday you take.

Have fun, and stay safe this Memorial Day holiday everyone.



Jay Ellington
Thanks Mom!
Great photo's from you river walk. So glad you guys had a great day!!
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