Lets Get Visual #1 (Geometry)

May 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


ID Installation GeometryID Installation GeometryThe installation art in Seattle's International District had some great geometry.

Push the Button!Push the Button!A geometric based close up of a buildings door control
X's and HexagonsX's and HexagonsAn image featuring the awesome geometry of the King County Administration building. Leading Lines at City Hall Park!Leading Lines at City Hall Park!The complex shapes of the the stairs heading down from Yesler Way.

Something I am a big believer in is, personal projects. I think it's important to push yourself, to have goals for yourself, and to always improving yourself through practice. Don't get me wrong, I can be lazy, unorganized, and a huge procrastinator. I will even admit at times I have spent way to much effort building up the negative aspects of my life. Hey, I have issues seeing where my journey is taking me at times. It's important though that I keep moving forward at the pace this river of life takes me at, and let it teach me whatever it can. Because of this desire to move forward I recently have started to think of ways to improve my photography.

Starting today I am going to push myself by beginning a new column called “Lets Get Visual”. “Lets Get Visual” is where I will focus on regular exercises in composition with my first drill being a lesson in geometry and shapes. With this focus in mind, last week I went out with the intent of capturing images with things like squares, circles, triangles, leading lines, etc.. Through the act of going out and taking pictures with this in mind this last week, I can already tell that my eye has seen a big improvement when identifying these hidden treasures in a scene.

I hope you enjoy the images above and if you don't already, make sure to always keep pushing yourself with your own personal projects.



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