Fun with Infrared #4 (Mabuhay Bellingham!)

July 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Stroll Down IR LaneStroll Down IR LaneCouples walking along the bay on a Saturday afternoon! So if any of you know me, obviously I am trying to push myself to get back to the things I love in my life; while finding a way to efficiently deal with the dull, and drab aspects. In doing so I refuse to let this beautiful summer go by without doing lots of photography; especially infrared photography. Other than the fact that the images turn out looking "Surreal" or "Other-worldly", infrared photography is really at its best during the summer months; and that sounds like a good way to fire up my passion. 

I love working with infrared light. IR photography is great because during middle of the day IR light is illuminating everything around you. You don't need "Fast Glass", because most of the time you need to have high levels of contrast and a large depth of field so your subject is in focus; which means small F-stops and low ISO. Since I got into IR photography this year, I am finding out more and more that Summer with it's long days, and harsh, contrasty light allow me to get the most out of my stuff; which isn't top of the line, and I get to enjoy myself all afternoon long.  Wayward Boulder!Wayward Boulder!While strolling on the boardwalk, this happy accident occurred when I was not expecting the different layers of the rock to reflect infrared light.

When you start to work with infrared light though you really start to realize how different things are. The infrared light reduces the contrast of your images, so you have to be really aware of the sun; those fancy anti-flare/anti-ghosting coatings on expensive lenses don't help because they are tuned to visible light and not IR. Often times what works composition-ally with normal photos will seem upside down in when you review things since what reflects IR light isn't always intuitive; you just have to go out there and try. IR cameras also have extra issues that you have to deal with when you are thinking about focusing on your subject as the focusing system wasn't designed with infrared light in mind; though this is easier now with the addition of "live-view" to cameras, if your camera has it. Which all in all, isn't bad, it's just a bit different and requires that you slow down and think out of the box a bit more.

I myself, am fascinated with IR photography. I love that it allows me to see a different environment then the one my eyes use to enjoy daily. To me Infrared light is like a magic invisible bottle of hot sauce, once you see the transformation after the image has been captured, you can't help but want to spice things up.

  Bellewood Acres in IRBellewood Acres in IRA dramatic day at Bellewood Acres! I hope you all like the above images from a recent trip up to Bellingham, WA. I am really happy with my results, because I set out to try and pre-visualize what the images would look like before I made them and I feel like I learned a lot in the process trying to do so.


P.S. I have been browsing the work of Laurie Klein ( lately and you should check her out if you like infrared art. She is a amazing IR artist her work and discussions have been inspiring me to push myself and see if I could pre-visualize the above BW Infrared images. Also since I am in love with all things IR, I am very overwhelmed by how she has successfully used infrared photography for portraiture and wedding work; it has captivated me and I am now hooked on the idea, go check her stuff out.



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