Treasures of the Seasons #1

November 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well after the weekend. 
I always have a bit of a rough time with Monday's but this week, due to daylight savings time, I had an exceptionally difficult time getting motivated and stay on task; let's hope Tuesday is a bit better with regard to getting more done. Don't get me wrong, who doesn't love the extra hour in the fall, but it is kind of a drag when you start looking at your watch at 6 like it is much later in the evening, and an even bigger drag when your old alarm clock seems to have a mind of its own.
Well at least daylight savings is just one small part of this time of the year, Fall in general is a great time.  The trees changing colors and loosing their leaves, the food, and of course spending quality time with good friends and family there are just a few of the reasons I love Fall.

Another reason thought that I love this time of the year, and anytime of the year for that matter, is for nature photography. Also being that I often have more to post than time in the day I am creating this new blog series to address show more of the treasures i capture throughout the year similar to what I am doing with my street/urban photography.
Please enjoy these most recent nature images I created from around the area.



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