Lets Get Abstract #2

February 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. I have been having a blast continuing to shoot more and more color and shape abstracts as I wander looking at normal everyday objects. It's amazing to me how many items we look at are so beautiful and simple once you focus in on a particular area.

Lately I will be walking along and a building that has been falling apart in other peoples eyes, has me totally consumed and creating images of it; I am sure people see me and think as they drive by "WTF". I mean it will just be something about an object that will just call out to me. In this most recent post it has been things like a wall at the train station, the side of a trolley, and the different textured stonework around downtown Seattle.

Enjoy the above shots, and I will talk to everyone again soon.



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