Another Day In Paradise #7

August 18, 2015
It's starting out to be another beautiful day in paradise outside, that's kinda how things go these days I guess; Damn you global warming!!! This weather is so not the st...
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Fun with Infrared #4 (Mabuhay Bellingham!)

July 28, 2015
So if any of you know me, obviously I am trying to push myself to get back to the things I love in my life; while finding a way to efficiently deal with the dull, and dra...
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Another Day In Paradise #6 (For the love of the Street!)

July 26, 2015
Living Life can be such a funny and frustrating thing. Everyday something changes, sometimes we loose track of time or we flat out ignore what keeps us alive inside. Some...
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Another Day in Paridise #5 (Memorial Day Pictures)

June 16, 2015
Hey Everyone, I hope you are all well, or at least keeping your shit together on a semi decent level. Things have been going good in my world, busy, but good for sure. I...
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Lets Get Visual #1 (Geometry)

May 28, 2015
Something I am a big believer in is, personal projects. I think it's important to push yourself, to have goals for yourself, and to always improving yourself through prac...
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Fun with Infrared - #3

May 18, 2015
This sure has been the spring for treasure hunting; that is what I am calling my walks from now on. There has been hidden gold everywhere I look recently. This last weeke...
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Fun with Infrared - #2 (Mothers Day 2015 Special)

May 10, 2015
With all the nice weather that we have been blessed with recently its been great to get out and walk around our neighborhood and continue to uncover the hidden photo trea...
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Another Day in Paradise! #4

April 27, 2015
This last summer we moved into a new house and its been really cool to start working in a yard again. I mean, you can't complain when your own tulip's start to sprout and...
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Another Day in Paradise #3

April 12, 2015
Its quite amazing what you will see in your flower beds if you look close. This snail somehow found itself at least 3 feet off the ground on the outermost flower of one o...
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Another Day in Paradise! #2

April 05, 2015
Wow, I can't believe Easter is here already. It couldn't be a better weekend for a holiday so far. This weather outside has been beautiful so I have used it do a ton of g...
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